Manchester/London Congestion Charge

Charlie Slater

Business has been quiet

I doubt it would have took off – you hardly ever see cars in Corrie.

Apart from Streetcars. (Has anyone tried ringing the fictitious  Streetcars number?)

When someone leaves Eastenders, they always go by taxi (dot com), yet according to the map I have Walford is not in the zone…

Boris Johnson makes cameo appearance in Eastenders

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson turned up in the Queen Vic last night and immediately launched into his customary gaffes, telling Peggy Mitchell (played by Carry On star Barbara Windsor) how much daughter Sam Mitchell had changed recently, and what had happened to her nose, before ordering one of Betty’d Hotpots.
After being told they don’t know anyone called Betty, greedy pig Bojo made moves to the cafe for a full English, and asked Ian Beale if he fancied a wife swap.

He then bumped into Bradley Branning and told him they’ll probably meet up again at the 2016 Olympics when Boris will bring the Olympic Flame to Rio direct from Stratford.
The foppish mayor then told Dot Cotton he’d enjoyed seeing her naked, not realising it was actually actress June Brown who’d appeared naked in the theatre show Calender Girls for all of 3 seconds.

Boris Johnson is, still, incredibly, Mayor of London.